We are a volunteer board of diverse individuals that are committed to supplying valuable information about improving your life and achieving more peace in your life . This is done by two ways; Providing proven solutions to your problems and providing closed individual groups to foster support and fellowship.  

We  are a group of people representing many different demographics.  We are are assembled in order to offer many different perspectives and proven solutions to all of life’s problems. Our board contributions includes but not limited to certified doctors, life coach, professional certified trades, social workers and parents. We meet regularly to customize our program to help our members. We are about providing solutions for those that are ready to try a different way to solve their problems and seek to be a part of a community of like minded people who are ready to try new ideas and change their thought process thus changing their behaviour and actions. An important goal of ours it to build a strong community of people helping other people improve their lives. 

Our primary goal is to provide a safe positive network of members committed to helping each other with our guidance based on proven common sense solutions from a great team at um. 

There is a group that cares about helping you.  Join today. You are not alone.  

Barret Payne
Founder and COO

Born in 1971, father of 4, grandfather of 2, long time partner to Candace. Enjoys the outdoors and anything sports related. Very happy to a part of the team

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